Electric Bicycles

The fastest in town! An excellent transportation solution with green technology and a host of tremendous advantages over cars or public transportation. Electric bikes do not require licensing or insurance and riders don’t need to worry about traffic and parking. Remember- electric bicycles vary between brands, and you must learn to choose quality reliable bicycles and stay clear of low-quality unsafe brands.

KONING are the best bikes in Israel! What makes them like that?


Foldable and compact, the most reliable in Israel! Low frame for easy mount & dismount, and suitable for traveling by train, bus, and even for taking up stairs.

Straight from the importer to the customer’s home, no extra fees.

Koning Mountain Bike is now at your fingertips!

Tacon city bikes are back in stock in a new format

The ultimate model for public transportation, children, women and adults, only 14 kg and easily folding

The ultimate electric bike for adults, low frame for easy mount & dismount 

Electric bicycles – where to buy?


It is the safest to buy an electric bicycle from a reputable company with 5 years of experience or more. In this way you will assure yourself that the store will not “disappear” as soon as you need it, and you will be able to receive an answer to any question or problem you may have during your time with the bicycle.


Always ask what the warranty includes. We even provide warranty on our used bikes, albeit for shorter periods.

Standard compliance

All our bicycles have a standard mark (tav teken) from the Israeli Standards Institute and other recognised labssuch as INTERTEK, TUV, SGS.

Battery quality (and additional details)

There is a great variance in the quality of electric bikes in the market. Kooning is manufactured in the highest quality factories in the world that adhere to strict quality standards. The quality-control tests are performed several times during assembly and each tool receives a personal “identity card”.

Electric bikes must be safe and well assembled – before leaving the shop, double check the quality of the screws (most of them are made of stainless steel) the cable junction, the brakes and rims, the quality of the charger, tires with or without reflectors and double lining against punctures, pedals, simple or high quality pedal arms, spikes, handlebars, gears, chain…

Electric bicycles – professionalism

Kooning has been in Israel since 2013, when we opened the first store at Dolphinarium Tel Aviv. From there we grew to several more stores and markets and in 2021 Kooning will open its first branches in the United States. Kooning is scheduled to come out with a series of new developments for 2021 for the Israeli market and the rest of the world. Ksharim Plus Group, which owns Kooning and, among other things, also has a large real estate department, is in the process of purchasing all the stores Kooning operates on, so you can be assured of our stability. We also import high-quality electrical scooters, and are the only company in Israel to provideu up to a 3-year warranty on engines and up to a two-year warranty on the frame (depending on the model).

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Coordinate an experimental ride

We invite you to take one of our bike or scooter models for a trial day, and be impressed by the quality and power on your own. Do you enjoy riding?
The rental cost will be offset at the time of purchase, so the trial day is upon us!





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