About Koning

We offer a variety of high-quality electric scooters and bicycles in Israel.

KONING came to Israel in 2013 with one clear goal: to make every ride a special experience, adaptable to the needs of the Israeli rider. This is how the flagship brand KONING was born.

Bicycles and scooters with German power and quality, designed and manufactured by the best experts.
Over the years, after in-depth research into the needs of riders, we have produced state-of-the-art bicycles, designed by Koning experts.
Production takes place in the same factories as the world’s leading bicycle brands, all customized to the needs of the Israeli rider.

Wait, what’s KONING?

Koning means “lion” in German. How does the king of the beasts relate to the KONING riding experience?

Our customers already know: accuracy, quality, and attention to detail will allow you to feel like a king on every trip. To make this happen, we provide our customers with the widest range of bicycles and scooters in Israel. KONING offers you its flagship brand alongside models from leading international brands:

Koning brands – advantages

High-quality components, resistant to the hot Israeli climate.

Dust shields that prevent particles from penetrating the shock absorbers, axles, and motor.

Hidden battery inside the frame – no more having to worry about theft, or lugging around with the battery (in most of our models)

Batteries from Samsung LG or Panasonic, with more charging cycles and absolute reliability for long-range riding.

KONING provides the widest range of models in the country, with maximum quality and minimum maintenance and repairs.

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Coordinate an experimental ride

We invite you to take one of our bike or scooter models for a trial day, and be impressed by the quality and power on your own. Do you enjoy riding?
The rental cost will be offset at the time of purchase, so the trial day is upon us!





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