How electric bikes have taken over cities

Electric bicycles in Tel Aviv

It is difficult to pinpoint the exact moment in which electric bicycles became so popular in Israel and especially the city of Tel Aviv. But not so long after, Tel Aviv started the excellent bike renting program – and all the rest is history. In recent years it is becoming increasingly clear that electric bicycles in Tel Aviv are a phenomenon that is here to stay. And there is a very simple reason for this, traffic congestion and accessibility to employment places, expensive parking lots, wasted fuel in traffic jams, and waiting for a parking space to become available has just become way too much.

We are all familiar with the nightmare which is driving a car in big cities. It is way too costly and time-consuming for the average joe.

Whether it’s the never-ending traffic jams in the morning or evening, the awful lack of parking or a turn you missed and you’ll never find a U-turn. Traveling by private car in a city like Tel Aviv, for example, can cost valuable time and money to find parking.

Speedy ​​electric bikes have been created in response to this need that affects almost everyone.

Mother’s voice: not a motorcycle!

Mom just says no motorcycle. But who among us hasn’t sat in a traffic jam while a thin motorcycle cruised past it, zigzagging through the cars and disappearing ahead while we heard music or talked on the phone just to pass the time from one traffic jam to another. “If only I had a motorcycle” sighs to themselves almost every Israeli that gets stuck in a traffic jam.

But then comes mom’s voice: “not the motorcycle! It’s dangerous and can slip in the rain. Every little movement of the cars around your motorcycle can be life or death for you. Just not a motorcycle!”

The reason a motorcycle is so dangerous is that it’s a flimsy-two-wheeled vehicle riding as fast as the cars around it, zigzagging between them, dangerously close. And there is always the matter of insurance, motorcycle insurance is an expensive business.

And besides, who has the strength or time to start getting a motorcycle license now?

And when you add the price of the motorcycle itself to the price of the license, the insurance, and the fuel, the bill is simple.

Electric bikes offer almost all the coveted advantages of the motorcycle, without the danger of the fast, deadly speed.

The bike can reach up to 25 km / h! Of course, they do not consume fuel, there is no need for special insurance for them and riding them is possible for anyone who knows how to ride a pair of regular bikes. If the bike reached a speed of more than 25 km / h, it would be defined as a motorcycle.

With an electric bicycle, it is possible to travel through bicycle paths on the sides of the road in safety and peace, thus getting from place to place easily and ignoring the variety of restrictions that ordinary motor vehicles have.

With electric bikes, you are actually the fastest pedestrians. If you already understand that electric bikes are the ultimate solution for you, contact us today at 077-7009000.

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