Electric bikes and extreme sports

Electric bicycles are an electricity-based motorized vehicle that is powered by a battery.

Electric bikes can be used to easily get from one place to another inside the neighborhood or outside. smart use of electric bikes allows you to avoid traffic jams, ride on bike paths, or along the road

Compared to using any other vehicle with an engine including a motorcycle or scooter,  electric bikes allow you to save a fortune on insurance, repairs, and exorbitant fuel costs. This is many thousands of shekels a year, not to mention parking costs in the big city centers.

But electric and ordinary bicycles are not just a means of transportation. Experienced cyclists have turned bicycles into vehicles for extreme sports. Today, in addition to regular bikes for extreme sports there are also electric mountain bikes, electric bikes for sports and you can easily combine pedaling and engine power.

If you want to go out and ride with friends who like extreme sports, or if you just want to enjoy places that are relatively difficult to ride through and have not dared to do so up till now, we recommend that you choose electric bikes adapted to both road and mountain rides.

This way you will also benefit from the possibility of additional enjoyment and you may also be able to keep up with the group you are spending time with in the field.

You should know that despite their light and quiet appearance, there are certain models that will allow you to perform extreme sports that will put to shame any other regular mountain bike.

You just need to know which model to choose, and how to use it properly. Obviously, not all electric bikes are suitable for sports of all kinds. Most models are meant for a relaxed ride in the city, easy maneuvers, and slight to moderate uphill rides. All models are very durable and will withstand the shocks that can be expected during a standard ride, but only a few are suitable for rough terrain conditions.

If you are planning to buy an electric bike for extreme sports or even for a hilly city like Jerusalem and Haifa, you should contact a professional company that can offer you suitable models and explains to you exactly how to use them. 

What to look for When you are interested in electric mountain bikes?

The first thing you should look for in an electric sports bike is suitable tires that can handle both city streets and rough terrain. The second important consideration is the weight of the bike.,

Remember: you always want to trend towards comfort and lightness so you can easily ride it, and then pick it up over the water, rough terrain, steps, or into your car. furthermore, the lightness of the bike will help you in performing various stunts and jumps.

It is important to choose strong bikes so that they will also survive the jumps in the field or the stunts and not break in the process, pay attention to the material from which the frame is built and the quality of construction of the bike.

Folding electric bikes may be less good for jumping because the axis is considered a weak link.

The right wheel size for rough terrain should be 26 inches or more. The larger the wheel, the easier it is to pass pits and larger stones.

Finally, note that the battery is suitable for sports activities and also for uphill terrain. Plus it loads quickly, offering uncompromising fast acceleration at top speed.

We import a wide range of electric bikes and we have a special department for off-road and sports bikes. Call now if you want to do extreme sports with an electric bike. With us, you will find various extreme sports models, and you will receive a comprehensive explanation from the store staff about the model that best suits you. Call us for more details by phone: 077-7009000 or on Facebook.

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