How to save money buying an electric bike

The benefits of electric bikes are already clear to everyone – a lot revolves around huge financial savings and easy mobility.

What does it save us? First of all, there is no need to pay for fuel, licensing fees, complex repairs, high-cost spare parts, etc. They are much safer than a motorcycle, more compact than a regular bike and overall – they are the perfect solution for getting around the city. But still, there are many people who understand all of these benefits and are in no hurry to purchase a bike. Most often, the reason is that people think that electric bikes are too expensive for them. This idea usually comes from comparing them, incorrectly, to regular bikes (and not, let’s say, to motorcycles or cars).

Non-motorized bicycles (called “classic bicycles”) can start from a few hundred shekels for basic models to tens of thousands of shekels for professional models. This is while electric bicycles require an investment of a minimum of several thousand shekels. Obviously, if we make this comparison, we will think that electric bikes are too expensive, but this is not the right comparison. The electric bike has to be compared, in fact, to the price range of somewhere between a regular bike and a motorcycle. Now it’s easy to understand that the price of the electric bike is very low. 

when you buy an electric bike for in-city rides, you actually get the speed, comfort, compactness, and flexibility of a motorcycle, at a tenth of the price. In other words, electric bikes offer a high value for a low price. Although you will not be able to travel with them on intercity roads, this is not their goal. The electric bike is supposed to save you the walk to work or to the grocery store, the expensive ride in your private car, and the traffic jams that always happen just at the “right” time to ruin your plans.

Another great advantage is that electric bicycles can be taken on the train or in a car trunk, for easier commute both inside the destination city and in inter-city trips.

Electric bikes in every home – 

it is already clear to everyone that the world is turning green. Beyond that, we believe that if many of us abandon the private car and move to greener forms of transportation, we will contribute not only to our environment but also save a lot of money.

It is already clear to many good people that the money we invest today in buying a second car, just to have “a backup” for the first car is not so necessary.

By buying an electric bicycle, you can save a lot of money, the cost of insurance and testing, expensive fuel, repairs, God forbid accidents and deductibles, and parking. With electrical bikes, you can save tens of thousands of shekels with an investment of a few thousand shekels only.

And even if you have several vehicles in the house, often a short outing with a bike to the nearby area will be both pleasant and very economical. 

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